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SEI "Secondary school №39 named after I.D.Lebedev,Grodno" is the biggest school in Belarus!

Дата: 23 января 2018 в 19:34, Обновлено 9 сентября в 08:18


School №39 is the biggest school in Belarus! About 2500 students are taught by 250 highly-skilled teachers. Being established in 2014, today it is the only school in a new district that functions also like a social and cultural centre.


Mission & Vision

Our school is aimed at the development of essential skills and knowledge necessary to excel in today's highly competitive global economy.

Currently the school is an adoptive multisectoral establishment with personally oriented educational area. Interaction in the system “school-family-society” to intellectual and moral development of our students.



The school seeks to instill in the educational community it cultivates an enduring love of learning, a commitment to serve others and a dedication to the pursuit of moral goodness and aesthetic beauty.

Lessons of spirituality held by a priest promote moral and spiritual values.

To encourage healthy habits and choices among the peers our students formed the Healthy Life-Style Team that holds numerous training courses.

The History Museum of Military, located on the premises of the school, helps to promote patriotism and respect for the heroic past of our Motherland.



Our school established an educational program for future fist-graders, which prepares them for the upcoming school life by conducting in-class and homework assignments.

The school has an extensive foreign language program that includes such languages as English, French, German and Chinese. The program was developed with the active participation concept in mind, so that every student felt engaged in the educational process. The peculiarity is that DSD examination is taken at our school.



There are 33 classrooms, 2 computer classes and 6 language laboratories. Two swimming pools, a gym and five workout rooms take care of our student’s physical development and well-being. Our modern stadium includes a full-size football pitch, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts as well as an ice-hockey rink. In our well-quipped facilities, the students can benefit from swimming, weightlifting and karate, judo classes. 


The school has established different partnership models with the prominent educational establishments in the region to meet different needs of our students. Thus, the school partnered with The Belarusian Institute of Law in order to better prepare our students for the world of higher education and, ultimately, a professional career. In addition, our school joined forces with the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and established the Department of History of Belarus and Archaeology on the premises of our school.

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